Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Time of Day/Night for Weight loss?

I'm sure everyone has a certain preference of specific time during the day or night in which they believe or were told their bodies would be at maximum weight loss capability, but what is the truth?

Even though most people believe they need to eat for energy before doing any sort of physical exercise, which is true your body does need energy, for weight loss there is an exception to this rule. Research has proven that the optimal weight loss time for our bodies is first thing in the morning, when you're body is still in a catabolic state, meaning having used up all the food/energy in your body during your night sleep. So skipping out on breakfast before going for a run in fact adds to your weight loss as your metabolism is at a much higher rate, your body will burn more fat.

So next time you're looking to go for a run, try first thing in the morning. However, be sure to eat a balanced meal post-exercise to keep you're energy levels high throughout the day.

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