Thursday, June 24, 2010

Acai Berry - The Reason Behind It's Popularity

Acai berry has been gaining popularity among consumers in record numbers. Acai berry is being hailed as a super-fruit by an array of people from all walks of life . With all of this publicity, you may be wondering exactly why it is so popular and why it is referred to as a super-fruit.

Acai berry is associated with:

• Increased Metabolism. The acai berry has been hailed by many individuals as a super-fruit because of its many benefits. When metabolism increases, it boosts energy and the body is able to burn food faster.

• Promotion of a healthy digestive system. Acai berry is known to contain high levels of fiber. Many people find that their bones and eyes are stronger and that they feel happy. They experience all all-around balance in their bodies when consuming acai berries.

• Stalling of the aging process. When people eat foods that are high in antioxidants, such as acai berry, they will find that their bodies may be able to combat age and health related issues. Antioxidants help the body fight the aging process by providing skin with the nutrients it needs.

• Fighting off major health issues. The antioxidants that are found in acai berry also help combat the effects of oxidation that takes places in the body, which is considered to be the cause of heart disease. Acai berries are also rich in fatty acids, like Omega 6 and 9, that help the body maintain or reduce cholesterol levels.

• Providing large variety of product forms. When you are searching for a product that contains acai berry, you may be surprised to find them in either their natural form, in capsules, powders and even in juices. This large selection allows you to consume acai in a manner that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. It allows you to get the daily intake of nutrients that you require.

• Weight loss accelerator. The combination of all of the powerful benefits derived from acai berry helps people lose weight faster. Having more energy and a healthy digestive system can improve your chances of meeting your weight loss goals. You will be able to burn off the excess fat and calories that are preventing your from having the body that you want.

Acai berry is rapidly increasing in popularity as a result of the valuable health benefits it provides. From keeping skin looking its youngest to preventing heart disease, acai berry is a powerful tool to use.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Avoiding Shin Splints When Running

Shin splints are hands down the most common injury that ail runners and virtually any athlete. It begins with a small burning sensation in the lower legs, most times on the inside of the shins until it escalates and you are unable to walk due to the pain. Shin splints usually put an athlete or runner out from weeks to months depending on the severity of the injury. They can be caused by variety of ways so how do you avoid getting them in the first place?

1) Proper Foot Wear

Never take for granted the pair of shoes that keep your legs safe and healthy. People tend not to pay too much attention to their running foot wear until it's much too late. So stop the problem before it starts and be sure to use a good, comfy and well supported running shoe. Most running shoes on average are good anywhere between 300-500 miles and should be replaced consistently. Also, you should be properly fitted by a trusted sports sneaker sales person, running buff or physiotherapist. The way people's feet touch the ground differs in everyone so it's best to have the correct type of footwear for your stride type. If you're a neutral runner and wear a pair of running shoes meant for an over pronator, you'll not only hamper your exercise but eventually injure yourself.

2) Be Aware of Running Terrain

Be aware of the terrain you are running on. Many shin splints cases develop because novice or intermediate runners start back from a moderate degree of inactivity to running up and down too many hills and uneven ground too fast. Keep on even ground and grass and/or even trails/tracks before running on concrete and up and down hills. This will allow your shins to build up strength to prepare for the excess pounding with you're increased work load once you hit uneven ground running.

3) Too Much Too Soon

Running too much, too soon is another common cause of shin splints. This often is what happens to beginners or runner's who took a break for a few weeks. When they return, they try to resume they're previous mileage while they're body hasn't had enough time to adjust yet. And for newbies to the running hobbie, thinking you can run more than you should will lead to injury. Distance running for new runners should only be about 2-3x per week anywhere between 1-5 miles depending on athleticism. Keep away from daily running until your body and shins can handle it, this will greatly reduce the chance of developing shin splints.

4) R.I.C.E.R.

Rest Ice Compression Elevation Repeat

This is one of the most over looked routines runners ignore. If you've done all that you can but still have onset shin splints, this is the last step to avoiding worsening symptoms along. Complete this routine on and off for 5-10 minute intervals for about a half hour to an hour after the run to ease pain and aid recovery.

5) Taking Time Off

Runners and athletes hate to take time off, but if you already have shin splints it's necessary you stop running and playing sports until you build up strength in your shins. It may keep you off the road for a few weeks, but this is nothing compared to if you had kept running and your shin splints progressed into a fracture. The normal recovery from a shin fracture is months.

Follow these steps to avoid shin splints and you'll be sure to keep running towards your goals!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to get motivated to lose weight

So many people are thinking more about their diets, fitness and health topics these days but that is as far as they can go because it takes more than just wanting to lose weight to lose weight. It is one thing to desire to shed pounds and it's another to be ready to take the extra step of implementing a fitness program. The average person with a cellulite laden abdomen has an idea of what he needs to do to lose weight, but lacks the full knowledge and motivation. They are unable to summon the courage to create and follow a fitness plan.

The cost of fitness will be the willingness to forgo a lot of bad habits like that of compulsive love for ice creams, chocolates, cakes, and beer. How do you find the motivation to lose weight? Only you can do that for yourself. No one can help you make up your mind to lose weight. People can only help you with ideas and contributions. Until you accept that your size reduces you life span and self esteem, you will never be ready to lose weight. Maybe a visit to your physician or fitness consultant may highlight all the dangers the fat clogging your blood vessels can cause, it will still take your saying ‘I don’t want to die young. I Want to lose this weight and stay healthy’.

‘I want to achieve a level of fitness so that for the first time in my life, be able to look in the mirror and feel pleased with what I see there. I know it is going to require a lot of discipline and sacrifice from me but I am ready to do anything that will keep me healthy’.

So to encourage yourself you need to set goals. Set deadlines and then reward yourself if you achieve the target. You can set a goal to drop 50 pounds in 5 months. Then you can set 5 different deadlines and your real target should be to lose 10 pounds every month. This kind of program will help motivate you to stay focused. If you exceed your target, reward your self. It's okay to have a cheat meal once a week, this is only to keep from binge eating when life gets too much for you. However, any more than that and you will ruin your diet.

If you fall short of your target, do not reward yourself. If possible, accept punishment by denying yourself of something you like very much.

These tips are enough to motivate anyone who really wishes to lose weight and kick start the process. If you combine the above methods, you can be sure you’ll stay highly motivated to exercise and diet which in turn will equal weight loss.

5 Tips To Get Your Beach Body

Getting the perfect beach body requires you to become lean. This can be achieved through a variety of methods

1. Physical Activities. Getting your heart rate up and increasing your physical activities can help you the lose weight you need. In order to get lean muscles, you will need to become involved in cardiovascular exercises and some weight training exercises. Your main goal is to eliminate flab and fat which can be done by acquiring muscle tone. This slims down your arms, legs and thighs and allows you to get into the bathing suit of your choice. Showing off your new body at the beach is the ultimate reward after a lot of hard work.

2. Changing Your Exercise Routine. It is also important to regularly change your exercise plan so that your results do not plateau. You should have a wide variety of exercises that you can substitute every few weeks. This keeps your body on its toes and ready to work on other parts of your body.

3. Have the Right Nutrition. You should make every attempt to avoid bad foods which include items that are fatty, high in cholesterol and high in calories. It is also recommended that you avoid the consumption of alcohol which is often attributed to a larger waistline. You should try to ingest foods that are high in fiber and protein. A good diet is a major factor in weight loss and muscle growth.

4. Track Your Results. Another good tip is to write down your progress in a journal. This allows you to evaluate your results and to apply any necessary changes. Writing it down lets you see how things are really going. You should keep track of both the pounds that have been lost and the inches.

5. Keep Your Focus. You need to stay on track in order to achieve your beach body. By committing yourself to your new exercise and diet plan, you will be able to shed the extra pounds and fat that are preventing your from having a rock hard body.

PureAcaiBerry is also available to help you gain the beach body that you have always wanted. It comes in the purest form and in the highest concentration possible. It is an affordable product with effective results.

You can be taking a supplement that can give you the energy that you need to stay dedicated to your exercise routine. PureAcaiBerry will also keep your food cravings to a minimum so that you can reach your weight loss goals. Using an all-natural product is the best way to get the body that you deserve.

How to Measure Body Fat

There are four major methods of measuring body fat. They include Navy Method, Home Body Fat Scales, Skinfold Calipers, and Hydrostatic Weighing. But we will look into three that are more commonly used.

Home Body Fat Scales-This device measures body fat by the use of Biometrical Impedance method. A very small electrical current, that is not enough to harm the body is passed through your body and the opposing current or is measured. When this result is compared to the weight, the percentage of body fat can then be determined.

This test has a margin of error, because the impedance in the body is altered by other factors that also generate some currents apart from body fat. Example is the electrical waves in the heart, the skeletal muscles etc, and water in your body, your skin temperature and physical exercise. In order to eliminate this interference; starve for 3-4 hours before test and also avoid any form of physical at least 12 hours before the test.

Skinfold Caliper – Another effective method is the use of calipers. This is the most cost preferred method of measuring body fats. However, you need to learn to use them correctly for this purpose. It should be done by a professional if you can help, but if not then acquire a set of Accumeasure calipers and the measuring instructions as stated.

Hydrostatic Weighing- Hydrostatic weighing also known as under water weighing is the most accurate way to calculate body fat – that is, if you can find a hydrostatic weighing tank.

How is it used? You need to understand Archimedes Principle. If you did physics in school, you will understand this better. But if you did not, I will explain for the avoidance of doubt. Whether you or the examiner, calculates your body density by measuring the amount of water you displace when you immerse yourself in water. Archimedes principle reasons that the amount of water displaced when an object in partially or totally immersed in water is proportional to the weight of that object. In this case you are the object. Then a formula is used to calculate body fat based on your body density. The problem is finding hydrostatic weighing tank! I guess this is too sophisticated for most people. But it remains the most accurate.

Why bother measuring your fat?

Knowledge of the exact amount of fat in your body can help you set realistic goals for your weight loss plans. Body fat is an important element in successful weight control. You will be objective and scientific with the program which is the best way to loss weight. It is likened to taking inventory of the amount of fat in your body, and the time it will take you to loss a certain fraction as well as how much calories should be dropped from your meals daily to achieve it.

Fat measurement is the only way you can objectively track the success or otherwise of your weight loss program.

Fast Diet Results

Losing weight can often times be a difficult process. Some individuals have been trying for years to lose weight, but have been unsuccessful for a variety of reasons. Where these individuals have failed, you can be successful. Following these effective diet strategies will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Making Time for Weight Loss

If you are not willing to devote the necessary time to weight loss, then your body will not be able to become physically fit. When an insufficient amount of time is being allotted to weight loss endeavors, it is followed by a lack of real results and many any people will simply give up.

You need to stop and think about the negative effect your lack of willpower has on your body. In order to be successful, you need to incorporate an exercise plan or a diet plan that can easily fit into your life. For example, if you like to run or walk, then you should do incorporate that into your weight loss schedule. You should engage in activities that you enjoy so that you can remain active and determined.

The Right Hydration

In order for your body to remain in balance, it will require the consumption of a proper amount of liquids. You should avoid drinks that are high in sugar and calories. It would be counterproductive to your ultimate goal.

You should stick to water. Large quantities of water will allow your body to clean itself out, while keeping your body properly hydrated.

Food Portions

The amount of food we eat is just as important as how often you eat. You should become aware of the portions that you serve yourself so that you can limit them accordingly. Eating less lets you ingest fewer calories so that you can begin to lose weight. It also helps you shrink your stomach in order to begin feeling fuller with less amounts of food.

Acai Berry Fruit

Eating fruits and vegetables is always a healthy option. One such fruit is the acai berry. This little, grape-sized fruit will provide you with the energy and nutrients you require to continue your day.

These berries will allow your body to lose weight quickly as it increases the metabolism rate in your body and gives you a great energy boost. PureAcaiBerry is a great way to have your daily dose of acai berry. This supplement has a 100% pure concentration of the super-fruit for the best results.

The process of losing weight can sometimes seem a bit daunting. However, when you incorporate the right ways to reaching your target body weight, you will discover that you can achieve your goals faster.

Top 3 Natural Weight Loss Supplements On The Market

Search the internet for the weight loss markets most popularly sold natural weight loss products and you’ll soon find a few common winners: Proactol™, LIPObind and Hoodia.

So what makes these 3 supplements different from all the other weight loss pills on the market? The first thing is that they are all made for 100% natural ingredients and are side effect free. And as a result consumers can take these supplements, safe in the knowledge that their bodies are at no risk.

Now everyone has got their own preferences between the 3. After all they are all natural appetite suppressants, but if you look a little closer, even these have got their own differences.

The biggest being in the number of other health benefits they offer:

- can reduce your dietary fat intake by 28%
- lower blood cholesterol
- cut your calories by 150 calories per meal
- suppress your appetite
- boost your energy levels
- increase joint flexibility
- ease aches and pains

- removes 27% of undigested fats
- reduced food cravings
- suppresses diet

- is 10,000 times more powerful than glucose at suppressing your appetite
- reduces your calorie intake by 2,000 calories a day

Now as you compare these 3, the one that looks the most appealing at first is Hoodia. Naturally suppressing and reducing your appetite by 2,000 calories a day it is the perfect stepping stone for those who have struggled to lose weight in the past.

But look again.

Of these natural appetite suppressants which can offer you the most effective route to weight loss whilst benefiting your body as a whole?

The answer to this one is simple. Proactol™ 100%.

Alongside its ability to help you lose weight, Proactol™ can help improve your health through and through, leaving you feeling fulfilled, happy and healthy.

And their consciousness towards their customer’s health can also be seen in their campaigns. Especially their most recent competition with YouAndYourWedding.

Teaming up with this well known bridal magazine, Proactol™ are offering their customers a chance to get away from their wedding day stresses and offer their body a day of rest, relaxation and comfort at Champney spa.

And this is just one of Proactol™’s many campaigns to help their customers to effectively lose weight and take care of their bodies at the same time.

Now this is not to dispute the effectiveness of LIPObind and Hoodia, but if you are looking for a whole body lift on top of your weight loss, Proactol™ is by far the more superior in the market.

It covers everything.

So offer your body a natural solution to healthy weight loss and the experience the joys of a healthier happier body.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

Belly fat is usually the first sign of obesity. When a person begins to develop protruded abdomen, obesity has already set in-medical experts call it truncal obesity. There are several names for this; others say it is cellulite accumulation. What ever you call it, belly fat is the most obvious sign that tells us when a person becomes obsessed. Most people don’t like the site of truncal obesity or belly fat. There is an ugly thing to it and creates flaps at the sides of your abdomen especially when sitting down.

Do you want to get rid of the fat in your abdomen? Then you have to read on. There is a lot of advice out there in books and web pages on how to successfully burn the fat in your belly yet I keep coming across people who have done all that to no avail. The reason for this may be that, you got the wrong kind of counsel, or you applied the advice wrongly. If you fall in this category of people, there is something to smile about. That of course, will be true if you adhere to what you will learn here. Remember that your ability to loss belly fat will depend mostly on you and not really what anyone must have told you-if the best strategy is wrongly applied, you can be sure it won’t

What then do you need to do to loss belly fat?

The strategy involves proper healthy diet plan and exercise. Now that sounds familiar right? Make no mistake that you can loss your belly fat by the application of one. Both are mutually inclusive and can not be effective in isolation. I am sure you must have heard this before. But people fail to understand that belly fat requires specific type of type of exercise that is targeted at that area. For example, running will help you stay fit but will do little to burn the fat in your abdomen.

Interval Training

This is a High Intensity Interval Training. The idea involves some kind of cardiovascular exercises that are done in a period of lower intensity followed by a period of higher intensity. This is called exercising in ‘fits and starts’.

This kind of exercise helps to burn more fat that the typical kind of cardiovascular exercises. Also, with respect to belly fat in particular, research has shown that High Intensity Interval Training can produce more fat loss in the abdomen than in any other parts of the body. A recent study shows that, people involved in High Intensity Interval Training have been found to loss about 3-4 times more fat especially belly fat than those practicing the regular steady-state cardiovascular exercises, despite exercising for longer periods.

Second, in order to target the belly specifically, it is very important to include sit-ups as an important aspect of your exercise program.

Belly-Fat-Losing Diet

The simplest way to put it is to say, reduce your calorie intake to a maintenance level. That is, take in only the amount of calories that just enough to help maintain your body without storing any more energy. This is the most-effective way of shedding pounds of fat from the body. In place of carbohydrate food, eat fruits, fish and vegetables.

Distance running for beginners: How far should you run?

Beginner runners biggest problem is that they run too far, too soon and develop shin splints or worse injuries which hamper they're motivation, and mileage. It always depends on the individual runner how far they should run when starting out. Someone accustomed to heavy leg training such as soccer players, basketball players, etc. are going to be able to run farther naturally than you're average couch potato. So here's the million dollar question, how far should you run as a beginner?

Well as said before, there are a lot of variations and factors to be included before determining how far one should run. Have they ever ran before? Have they ever exercised before? What sports do they play if any? Do you have proper running footwear which would cause excess mileage to damage they're lower legs. These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before figuring out how much you should run.

A general rule of thumb for intermediate to advanced runners and for some beginners is to run based on how you feel. If you feel good after a mile, maybe do another mile, if you feel good after that, maybe try another half mile, etc. this also helps to know you're boundaries. However, most beginner runners do not know they're bodies limits and think they feel better than they actually are. Sure my shins are burning a little but I can do another 5k. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Only do as much as you can, distance building takes time. If you rush it, you're only hurting yourself in the long run. Better to take it slow now and be able to run rather than going to quickly and having to take time off sitting at home due to an injury.

The most common running schedule to follow as a beginner says that you should only run 2-3 times a week easy running at 1-2 miles per run. So for the average beginner that's around 15-30 minutes a day 3x a week with a day or two break in between each run. This may seem trivial and you may think you can do more but you need to listen to this or you'll burn out too fast. You're body needs time to adjust to the excess pounding and workload when adding on the miles.

So as a beginner, you should only be running 2-3x a week anywhere from 1-5 miles depending on your fitness level and sport experience etc. (Basketball and soccer players with stronger shins and leg muscles will be able to run longer distances when starting out obviously).

Running tips: Can anyone take part in running?

Many people have the misconception that running is or even jogging should be left for those who are physically fit. However, the truth is running is for anyone whether your young or old no matter what size can enjoy the numerous benefits from exercising, especially running. Running is one of the best ways to enhance cardiovascular strength, lose weight, and relieve stress.

Here are the Top 5 Tips for Beginner Runners

1. Footwear

The most important part of running is keeping your body injury-free so you can continue to run and enjoy the benefits. However, most people don't realize is that half of all running injuries stem from improper footwear. First, you'll need to get your foot properly fitted at a local running store. They'll tell you what type of running shoe to buy, which all depends on how your foot naturally hits the ground. Example if your foot naturally hits the ground in a neutral position, you'll want a neutral running shoe. Some great brand names include, ascics, adidas, nike, saucony, and new balance with many more out there. Be sure not to cheap out on shoes.

2. Leave Your Ego at the Door

Beginner runner's tend to run too much too soon. Even with the proper footwear, this can lead to a runner's worst enemy, shin splints or even worse injuries which will keep you from walking. So leave your ego at the door and start off running small distances(1-2k) 1-2x a week until your legs and shins get used to the workload and start to strengthen where your distance can increase.

3. Stay Hydrated

Always stay hydrated and drink lots of fluids. Runner's should be drinking around 3L a day minimum to help replenish lost fluids lost running. Bring water with you everywhere. It will keep you healthy as well as aid in keeping you cool.

4. Stay out of the Heat

The best time's to run often take place early morning or evenings (most times after 4pm is great depending on the temperature). Too many beginning runners learn this lesson the hard way. Never run when it's hot out especially mid day. Your at danger of heat stroke, dehydration, etc. So keep out of the sun and heat during peak times in the summer and otherwise just keep it in mind throughout the year.

5. Cross Training - Keep on the Track or Pavement

If you want to start getting serious about running or even just increase your distance for enjoyment purposes, keep it on the road, trail or track. The only way to get better in running is to run point blank. Cross training only helps your cardio, the muscles and workload your leg and core muscles use when running can't be replicated in swimming, biking, etc. However, pool running does help recovery and strength.

So keep your laces tied, keep at the running and most importantly have fun - enjoy it! The greatest thing about running is that just about anyone can do it no matter what and keeping these tips in mind will surely keep you on a path to success for weight loss!

Top 10 Biggest Weightloss Mistakes

Everyone struggles with weight-loss issues whether young or old and although many of us think we know how to properly lose weight, what we don't know is what mistakes we make when attempting to lose those extra pounds. So here are the top 10 biggest weight-loss mistakes most people make whether it be dieting, exercising or just attitude in general.

1) Zero Fat Diet

This is one of the most common errors of dieting, stripping all fat from your diet. Simply put, eating fat does not make you fat. However, fat is generally high in calories so intake should be limited but healthy fats such as those found in fish oils etc. are essential for the body. These help to break down cholesterol and keep arteries clear.

2) Too Much/Too Little Protein

Protein is essential in any dieter's arsenal, however many of us don't know the exact amount we should be getting. Diminishing protein intake can lead to energy and muscle loss, as well as having negative health effects. The human body can utilize anywhere from 30g-50g of protein at one time so spacing out meals and using the recommended daily amount of protein will optimize your weight loss diet. This should be around 1g of protein per pound of body weight. Too little protein and you're body will suffer, too much protein and it will all turn into fat stores.

3) Snacking

Snacking too much is just as bad as eating bigger meals. So try to cut down on snacking if possible and if you must, choose healthy alternatives such as fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc.

4) Attitude

Another common weight loss mistake is having the wrong attitude. Losing weight simply does not consist of removing a few key foods from you're diet, but rather consists of a whole life style change. It has to be a life-changing action or else what's to stop you from getting back on the junk food or fat band wagon slapping on those pounds again?

5) Fast Food vs. Fresh Food

Fast food is cheaper and quicker to make than buying fresh food and putting it together yourself. However, the benefits speak for themselves. If you can afford to buy fresh produce and meat week in and week out, that's great and it'll go a long way in helping out. However, if finances are tights try cutting down and stop buying fast food and junk food and replacing it with fresh fruit or produce.

6) Drinking Will Not Effect My Weight Loss

We all know it, but few of us can resist alcohol when the occasion arises. Alcoholic beverages are packed full of calories. Cut down on drinking quantity and frequency as well as choosing less caloric beverages to stop gaining weight.

7) Water Intake

Water is used by the body for everything, it's essential to stay hydrated and flush your body of toxins for optimal health. Many people mistake being thirsty for hunger, so be sure to drink 2L or 8 cups of water daily.

8) Eating "All Healthy"

This common misconception is that if you want weight loss, you have to sacrifice and consume only healthy foods. Yes, this is true and will lead you to a path of weight loss, however you don't have to stop enjoying you're favorite foods. Start using "cheat meals" so once a week go down to your favorite fast food joint or grocery store to pick up some junk food and for that one meal, allow yourself to enjoy it. Moderation is key here, this will help keep you motivated and keep you from binge eating when the temptation gets too great.

9) Exercise

Diets and exercise go hand in hand, so you have to do both to achieve ultimate weight loss. Exercise doesn't have to be torture, start out small and work you're way up.

10) Setting Unrealistic Goals

Start by setting small, achievable goals which you can gauge your progress from and help to keep motivated. Accomplishing smaller, more realistic goals is easier and hey, we're only human so do your best!

Never give up, always do your best and soon enough you'll be shedding the pounds!