Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 10 Biggest Weightloss Mistakes

Everyone struggles with weight-loss issues whether young or old and although many of us think we know how to properly lose weight, what we don't know is what mistakes we make when attempting to lose those extra pounds. So here are the top 10 biggest weight-loss mistakes most people make whether it be dieting, exercising or just attitude in general.

1) Zero Fat Diet

This is one of the most common errors of dieting, stripping all fat from your diet. Simply put, eating fat does not make you fat. However, fat is generally high in calories so intake should be limited but healthy fats such as those found in fish oils etc. are essential for the body. These help to break down cholesterol and keep arteries clear.

2) Too Much/Too Little Protein

Protein is essential in any dieter's arsenal, however many of us don't know the exact amount we should be getting. Diminishing protein intake can lead to energy and muscle loss, as well as having negative health effects. The human body can utilize anywhere from 30g-50g of protein at one time so spacing out meals and using the recommended daily amount of protein will optimize your weight loss diet. This should be around 1g of protein per pound of body weight. Too little protein and you're body will suffer, too much protein and it will all turn into fat stores.

3) Snacking

Snacking too much is just as bad as eating bigger meals. So try to cut down on snacking if possible and if you must, choose healthy alternatives such as fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc.

4) Attitude

Another common weight loss mistake is having the wrong attitude. Losing weight simply does not consist of removing a few key foods from you're diet, but rather consists of a whole life style change. It has to be a life-changing action or else what's to stop you from getting back on the junk food or fat band wagon slapping on those pounds again?

5) Fast Food vs. Fresh Food

Fast food is cheaper and quicker to make than buying fresh food and putting it together yourself. However, the benefits speak for themselves. If you can afford to buy fresh produce and meat week in and week out, that's great and it'll go a long way in helping out. However, if finances are tights try cutting down and stop buying fast food and junk food and replacing it with fresh fruit or produce.

6) Drinking Will Not Effect My Weight Loss

We all know it, but few of us can resist alcohol when the occasion arises. Alcoholic beverages are packed full of calories. Cut down on drinking quantity and frequency as well as choosing less caloric beverages to stop gaining weight.

7) Water Intake

Water is used by the body for everything, it's essential to stay hydrated and flush your body of toxins for optimal health. Many people mistake being thirsty for hunger, so be sure to drink 2L or 8 cups of water daily.

8) Eating "All Healthy"

This common misconception is that if you want weight loss, you have to sacrifice and consume only healthy foods. Yes, this is true and will lead you to a path of weight loss, however you don't have to stop enjoying you're favorite foods. Start using "cheat meals" so once a week go down to your favorite fast food joint or grocery store to pick up some junk food and for that one meal, allow yourself to enjoy it. Moderation is key here, this will help keep you motivated and keep you from binge eating when the temptation gets too great.

9) Exercise

Diets and exercise go hand in hand, so you have to do both to achieve ultimate weight loss. Exercise doesn't have to be torture, start out small and work you're way up.

10) Setting Unrealistic Goals

Start by setting small, achievable goals which you can gauge your progress from and help to keep motivated. Accomplishing smaller, more realistic goals is easier and hey, we're only human so do your best!

Never give up, always do your best and soon enough you'll be shedding the pounds!

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